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Basic Skinny Jean: 7's Edition

Excuse me, what is this I’m hearing about skinny jeans going out of style!? That’s like puppies not being cute… Its just not a thing.

Skinny jeans are, and always will be the best staple for your wardrobe. Don’t you want a pair of jeans that you can wear multiple times and not have someone recognize them? “Dad jeans” are great don’t get me wrong, they’re comfortable and right on trend but people know when you wear them five out of seven days. The classic skinny you can wear every. single. day. and no one will ever know.

I’m 20 years old, I AM genZ. I’ll let TikTok tell me how to make my morning oatmeal, but I’m wearing my skinnies and sneakers till I die! I felt like I needed some back up on this one, so I decided to bring in the experts to help change your mind. I spoke first with Chelsea (our store mom) to get her opinion!

“7 For All Mankind completely overhauled their fabrication from when I was in college almost 20 years ago… they created high rise options with a TON of stretch. As a short curvy girl, they were a great fit for me, and still fit even if I fluctuated a few pounds. There’s nothing worse than getting dressed in the morning and your jeans not buttoning!" -Chelsea

When you come in asking for an everyday, comfortable jean, we go right for the 7’s. 7 For All Mankind was first launched in 2000 and has been popular ever since. For some of you, this may have been your first pair of designer jeans. Well guess what, they could also be your daughters first pair! Lucky for you we have many to choose from.

Let’s first address the skinny…


This is as basic as it gets ladies. For Spring we chose the Sunlight Blue wash, a tasteful everyday denim that can be paired with an old t-shirt or a dressy top for dinner. Tall girls this one is for YOU! A 9” midrise with a 30” inseam. Thank god we can find a jean that makes it all the way down to our ankles!

If you ask me, when it comes to rise on a jean, I will say the higher the better in terms of comfort. That is why the B(Air) Aubrey Ultra High Rise is AMAZING at a fabulous 11” rise! The fabric of this jean is what all of you search for. Stretchy denim that molds to your body and allows you to actually exhale... a true friend.

So, WHY should you own a pair of 7’s? I went to the one person who knows jeans like no other… Violet’s owner and fashion extraordinaire, Laura!

“Skinny jeans…think footwear. You need many different styles of denim to work back to what’s on your feet. Skinny jeans are the most versatile with boots, which face it, around here we are wearing for ¾ of the year. Whether you want your shoes to be the star of your outfit or you’re going for functionality, skinny jeans are your best option. If you’re wearing an ankle bootie, skinnies hit right at the top. If you’re wearing a mid-shaft, riding, or over-the-knee boot, a flare jean won’t fit inside any of those, skinny jeans are a must! They also look cute and effortless with a flat, and sexy when you throw on a heel. So, to all those trendsetters that say the 90s jeans are in and skinnies are out… not going to happen, skinny jeans will always be your go to. I have every trend of denim in my closet, but I always go back to the basics!” -Laura


In the warmer months it’s fun to add character to your jeans, and the Ankle Skinny does just that! The subtle change from a full-length to ankle whispers ‘Spring’ and you can’t go wrong pairing with a comfy sneaker or sandal!

First up, the Luxe Vintage. This wash has less stretch than others, making them look and feel like a true jean. Definitely an effortless style with the casual wash and distressing.

Next, the Slim Illusion. Note! Shorter girls… check these out! They have a 28” inseam and are a great staple jean. The signature stretch denim fits like a glove on your legs. It slims, sculpts, and smooths all at the same time!

“I love a skinny jean with some stretch, the 7 for all Mankind High-Waist Ankle is my favorite. It has stretch but doesn’t lose its shape. I can comfortably play with my daughter and still look put together!” – Jess

“My favorite pair are the Slim Illusion High Waist Ankle Skinny. Every woman 30 and over should have them in her wardrobe. The waistline curves to your body, the fabric has stretch through the thighs and legs and hits right at the ankle”. – Laura


Listen up because this is a BEST SELLER! 1 style - 3 washes - and you probably need them all…

Distressed Authentic Light. UGH I want them. A beautiful medium wash jean with a worn in look through the thighs. Throw on your old band t-shirt and sneaks and man, you look good.

Next, the Luxe Vintage. A lighter washed denim that can easily be dressed up with heels to go out for a cocktail!

Our third option is the lightest wash of the three. The frayed hem, slight destruction in the legs and visible buttons, adding all the right detail. A bonus is that they are from 7’s “low-impact denim” line, meaning they are made from recycled material and manufactured with techniques that lessen our carbon footprint!

7’s High Waist Cropped is one step away from the skinny jean. It’s tight through the leg, then loosens up after hitting your knee. Cropped can be difficult for any taller woman; however, they are IDEAL for someone shorter! So, go get them before they sell out!


The last, but certainly not least of our new arrivals! This jean was one of our best sellers last year so when we saw it on the line sheet again for 2021 we HAD to bring them back! This high rise cropped jean with a 26.5” inseam is killing the game in Sloane Vintage. A perfect transition from spring/summer to fall and can fit all your style needs!

Okay, did I change your opinion on skinny jeans? Did I rescue you from the rumors? Did I make you want to buy a new pair of 7’s?! If you answered yes to any of these questions, GOOD!! That means my persuasion class is paying off…

Until Next Time…😉


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