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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I can’t be the only one who relates to this brand… Young? Yes. Fabulous? I’m trying. Broke? YUP!

Founder and Creative Director Heidi Cornell-Mckenna, stumbled upon this name after friends described her life with these three words. She was young and dabbling in the fashion industry with a love for high end designers. Heidi wanted to develop quality clothing at a reasonable price for women young at heart and free spirited like herself.

After 20 years in business, YFB has created a strong following of all ages, professionals, and even some rising stars in Hollywood! For Violet’s, it was love at first sight! This past fall, Violet's management went to a socially distanced outdoor buying show. The bright and happy colors of their racks gave light to the uncertainty going on around us.

Top picks from our YFB new arrivals

1. Carla Cut Off Hoodie with matching Gigi Skirt

I feel like everyone needs a matching set in their wardrobe. This trendy tie-dye duo will steal attention when you strut down Broadway! The Carla Hoodie is a boxy fit, making this a great layering piece! Wear it over a basic long sleeve t-shirt until the weather warms up! The Gigi skirt is a comfortable sweatshirt material with a drawstring adjustment around the waist. Put the two together for your next vacation or springtime in Saratoga!

2. Trapeze Dress

This dress makes me think of a scene in a romantic movie… he sees her down the beach watching the sun sink softly into the ocean, her hair caught in the evening breeze while her dress majestically flows behind her. I bet her dress isn’t SEE THROUGH! The trapeze dress is fully lined so you can wear your bright pink undergarment, and no one will ever know!

3. Ashby Romper

We are back to romper season everyone! These pieces are the most convenient thing in your closet. They look good, feel good, and are quick to style. Have a long torso? Rompers can be a real struggle for taller women, but I have a feeling you will find luck with this one. There is lots of fabric in the top to fit all heights! Styling this piece is a walk in the park. No need to match shorts with a top! The tie-dye is a statement itself, let it be the star of the show. Pair with simple jewelry, and for shoes, you have endless options! I would wear a white sneaker for a more casual outfit. Chelsea prefers a cute bohemian sandal with this look. And you can always count on Aleesan to dress it up, slip on an open toed heel and you are ready to go!

4. Kana Kimono

A real special piece. This Kimono is just gorgeous, there is no other way to put it! The combination of vibrant colors and relaxed fit are what makes this kimono a showstopper!

Now, this is just the beginning! We have more pieces to this spring order that cannot go without mention! Click to shop each look....

You can expect to see a lot more coming from YFB this summer and into the fall! Never be scared to wear a bold tie-dye print. They can be intimidating at first, but nothing screams fabulous like YFB prints!

Until next time… 😉


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