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How To Wash Your New Clothes!


Keeping your favorite pair of jeans the way you love them requires good denim care! Most people find it absolutely disgusting when I tell them that you are not supposed to wash your jeans. When I say this, I don’t mean NEVER wash your jeans, I’m saying to only wash them when they need it! Cleaning your denim after 10 or so wears saves the shape of your jeans and prevents wear and tear of the fabric.

If your denim needs a wash, the best way to clean them is to turn them inside out and hand wash them in cold water. Life is busy and there may be no time to hand wash your jeans, so don’t worry there is an alternative! Machine washing them is much easier. It is still essential to wash them on a cold, delicate cycle and without much else in the load. The cold water keeps the beautiful color in your jeans and prevents any fading and shrinking. Now it's time to dry them. Please, PLEASE do not put your jeans in the dryer! The dryer will break down the lint in the denim. By hanging them inside out in a shady area, you are preserving the color and avoiding any shrinkage to your pants. The only excuse to put your jeans in the dryer would be to shrink them to fit properly again. When you do this, it is important to only put them in for a short time, pull them out when they are damp, and let them finish air-drying. This will avoid any unwanted creasing in your jeans.


Cotton creates a beautifully soft and comfortable design that everyone loves but HATES when it shrinks!! Fun fact, hot water and high heat will shrink your new cotton shirt, leaving you very upset. Do not let this be you! It is nice and soft when it comes out of the dryer, but your Bella Dahl t-shirt dress will turn into just a Bella Dahl t-shirt. Wash on cold and hang to dry, you will be much happier!


What is viscose exactly? It is a semi-synthetic rayon fabric that is used mostly as a silk substitute. The experts suggest handwashing as the best option, but we both know that isn’t going to happen. For machine washing your viscose clothing, like our 7 for All Mankind pin tuck button-up shirt, wash inside out on a cold delicate cycle, making sure that the spin is on low, then hang to dry. You may find your viscose clothing wrinkled after a wash. Steaming is the best option to remove unwanted wrinkles. If you do not have a steamer on hand, use the steam setting while holding your iron an inch above the fabric.

As you can see, the running trend for all these beautiful fabrics used in our favorite brands is to wash them with love and lots of care. To be safe, we suggest washing the clothes you purchase from Violet’s in a light load, inside out, with cold water, and hang to dry. Our buying team searches to find high-quality brands with high-quality fabrics to elongate the life of your clothing, but we can only do so much! To increase the life span of your favorite top wash it delicately!

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