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In Need of a Summer Hat?

If you shopped with us last summer, you may remember the sunhats we sold. Floppy hats that you could wear to the track or to the pool? This summer, we are upping our game… We are welcoming our new hats with open arms. LACK OF COLOR!!! I hope these never go out of style because I’m waaaay too obsessed.

Before I get into this post I need to be honest… I’m writing from school, 416 miles away. I am sitting on the top of our student union, DYING for Violet’s inventory!!! I am so thankful I can shop online, otherwise, I would be extremely mad if I came home and all the new arrivals were gone.

I have been seeing this western-style hat everywhere. You can style it with any ‘fit’ and it automatically brings it to a 10/10.

How did we come across these perfect hats? We were surfing through a website of one of our future brands and kept commenting on how cute their hats were! We did some digging and before we knew it we had placed an order through Lack of Color.

This brand was born in 2011 by a couple in Australia. They strive to provide men and women with accessories that are easy to wear at a reasonable price. The brand has since exploded and is worn by bloggers and public figures such as Vanessa Hudgens, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Chiara Ferragni.

Hats can be tricky because we all have different size heads! When a style is "one size fits all" your like uhhh, no it doesn’t… That is why we love Lack of Color. The Hats come in small, medium, and large. For all of you who claim “hats don’t fit your head”, you're now going to have to find a different excuse not to buy this hat. If shopping online, here is a size guide that will help you pick which size is right for you!

We are clearly not in Australia or out west, therefore, we wanted to provide a style that is not toooo cowboy. Our buying team has selected five different hats. They focused on a fashion-forward look that still fit the ~boujeeness~ of Saratoga.

The Mirage

Three colors. Black, brown, and ivory! This is a staple hat so we decided to offer it in the best basics!


Making the hat special is the gorgeous grosgrain rim. This detail adds a polished look, perfect for pairing with a dress. You can find at Violet's, the Teak Rancher in light brown, Zulu Rancher in sand, Ruby Rancher, and the Stardust Rancher in dusty pink. Both the red and pink get me extremely excited for summer! How CUTE would the red be for the 4th of July...

Zulu, Val Diamond, Vienna

Last three everyone! These cuties have a short brim, a more casual look but just as fabulous.

Lack of color is definitely different for Violet's, but we are ready for it! Again with the theme, summer 2021, NEW! Walk into the summer months with these new hats and a new look! In a few weeks, check back for a post on the brand that introduced us to Lack of Color. They go together, so trust me, you are going to want to buy them together!

Until Next Time...😉


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