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It's What's Underneath That Counts

Backless dresses, plunging necklines, low cut sides… So cute! We all know and love these tops but have you wondered what to wear under them? I have the answer! The magical, the wonderful, NUBRA! This adhesive bra is the OG undergarment for the difficult-to-wear tops. Nubra is produced right here on US soil and is so good I no longer own a strapless bra! Finding your perfect Nubra is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Find your color: We have three to choose from. Fair is the lightest we have in store; I would suggest not wearing under a white. Tan is my personal favorite, good for under all colors! We cannot forget black, a staple bra in every girl’s closet.

2. Find your size: Sizes range from A to E cup. Nubra suggests sizing up from your normal cup size for coverage and a smooth finished look. (Ex. if you wear an A cup bra, you will want the size B).

3. How to wear: This bra is a gift from the fashion gods. There is only one downfall; it gives you a hand but doesn't hold you up. There is little to no support in this bra; however, you can create multiple looks! If you want a fuller look, you can position the cups higher. If you want to show the girls off a little, create a lift by positioning the cups farther away from each other before clipping them together.

Our most common question about this bra is “can I wear them multiple times?”. The answer is yes! If you take proper care of your bra, it should last you at least a full season of wears. Before applying the bra to your skin, clean off any lotion or residue that may be left behind. To keep clean, hold the cup in the palm of your hand and rinse with warm water. Use one or two drops of a non-moisturizing liquid soap, rinse, and air dry! After you are finished, tuck it right back into its storing container until your next use!

You may be familiar with Spanx and its suffocating shapewear… What if I said you could wear shapewear, maintain a normal body temperature, AND avoid digging or rolling of the fabric? Let me introduce you to Commando (try to contain your excitement). Commando has breathable, buttery soft undergarments that smooth your shape keeping you comfortable and confident all day long!

Control Short & Control Skort

In stock, we have small, medium, and large. Medium to light compression if you go with your normal size, size down for more control. Worried it may be too long? The raw hem allows you to trim to your desired length. These products are tested on REAL women. All different shapes, heights, and sizes to ensure a flawless fit for everyone! Manager Jess swears by the shorts and creative director Chelsea adores the skort. Come visit the store or give us a call to find which works best for you! The skort is good for a midi or maxi dress, utilizing the additional layer of fabric for maximum smoothing and control.

Low beams

Calling all members of the itty-bitty-titty committee, let’s not make every guy stare at you like a deer in headlights! Turn off your high beams with Commando’s low beams! These nipple concealers are as thin as paper, look like a sand dollar, and are made with medical-grade adhesive!

Match Sticks

Throw them in your purse for a ‘bra showing’ emergency! This double-sided tape is a fashion MUST HAVE! Tape bra to shirt, shirt to skin, strap to strap.

Having the wrong undergarments is a recipe for disaster! Enjoying your day is much easier when you are comfortable. It doesn't matter if you are a size zero or a size 14, shapewear creates a polished finish for everyone. As always, your Violet's girls are here to help. Tell us your dress difficulties and we will put them to rest!

More from Commando

(Not all available on the website. Call to order or buy in-store!)

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