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Welcome to Violet's Edit!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Having trouble or need some assistance shopping?

Every time I online shop, it’s normally because I don’t feel like going to the store. Maybe for you, it’s the only way TO shop - busy with work/kids/life and can’t make it in during normal business hours.

Online shopping can be difficult. I’m the girl who wants to try on EVERYTHING. I need to know it fits and looks good. The worst thing is when you blindly order something, it shows up, you try it on, and HATE IT! Well, I have a secret for you… this no longer needs to happen!

Welcome to Violet’s Edit. While we miss seeing everyone in person, we know life happens. With our updated website and new blog posts, we can help you find the PERFECT outfit for any occasion! A night in with friends, a date night out – you name it! We pride ourselves on being a ‘one-stop shop’ for a complete head-to-toe ‘fit. And what’s better than the ease of shopping online AND supporting a local Saratoga business?!

Here are my promises…

1. I will keep you informed on everything NEW!

Knowledge is POWER! Be the first to know what’s in our store and online. Chelsea does a fantastic job getting new arrivals up on our Instagram stories. My job is to show you all the ways you can wear them! Colors to pair, insight on how things fit, and of course - our favorite pieces! Everyone gets sick of their closets. New arrivals are fresh, on-trend, and begging you to bring them home.

2. Styling Tips

Have you ever found a top you LOVE but have no idea how to wear it? Keep reading every week for new ways to create tasteful outfits, centered around the items you adore.

3. Jeans, Jeans, and more JEANS!!

Shopping for jeans is a struggle. Every brand runs differently. Every wash stretches differently. Some are designed to fit curves, while others suit a straighter build. They could either feel like a legging or be stiff as a board. Everyone has an ideal pair of jeans, but my GOD are they hard to find! My goal is to inform you on everything you need to know about our denim brands so you can find YOUR perfect pair.

4. Why we carry the brands we do

If you walked into Target and saw an $80 t-shirt, you would turn around and walk out. That is a LOT of money to spend on a t-shirt that is not likely to wash or wear well. While we can’t offer a lifetime guarantee, our merchandise is carefully chosen to give you some more time. We strive to carry quality brands that are manufactured right here in the US!

5. Advice!

When you come into Violet’s, our girls want to make sure you leave feeling confident about your purchase. Anytime we can share a ‘life hack’ with you - we will! If you’re in town for only a few days and need to know the best places to check out while you’re here - we got you covered! Most of us grew up in the area and have loved Saratoga our whole lives. Hanna, Mackenzie, and Liz know all the places to go for a fun night out. Laura can share with you her favorite restaurants. Chelsea, Jess, and Aleesan are ‘Shop Local’ experts. And for myself, I will offer you the BEST breakfast spots to start your day.

Whether life is too busy, or you live far away, Violet’s Edit will be there to guide you. My goal is to make online shopping easier with just a quick read! Violet’s is our home away from home, join our family and get to know us!

Until next time… 😉


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