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Shopping For Violet's

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s that time of year, we are getting spring shipments delivered to the store almost every day! With all this new inventory coming in, I thought I would give you a behind-the-scenes look at what happens during our buying process! First, I want to introduce you to our extremely talented buying team; Laura (Violet’s owner), Jessica (Manager), and Chelsea (Creative Director). This ragtag group all have different styles but share the same love for fashion, making them the best people to handle what comes into the store.

Violet’s main goal is to have something for everyone. Our clientele varies from young teens to older adults. One of the benefits of shopping small is we get to know you! Seeing familiar faces and creating relationships with our customers makes the buying process that much more exciting. When our team goes to a show, they buy with specific customers in mind! Your tastes and preferences are considered so that you can always find something you like in the store. You're welcome.

The buying process is just that, a process… Our team normally takes the train to the Big Apple four to six times a year to shop for upcoming seasons. So, those 7 jeans that you read about in last week’s post were picked out almost six months ago! This seems weird, right? Picking out fall clothes for 2021 when we are in the middle of spring? Oddly enough, we enjoy it! It allows us to know what's in for the months ahead so we can help YOU stay ahead of the trends! The last big show that Violet’s attended was at the Javits Center in NYC. Shortly after, this location was turned into an overflow site for COVID patients. These large, busy shows have since been canceled due to social distancing regulations; however, that has not stopped the process from continuing!

Our reps have been extremely helpful through this hard time. They have done everything in their power to help us pick out perfect pieces to bring into the store. We have placed orders by looking at line sheets and communicating with our reps over Zoom. This is obviously not ideal. We prefer to see and feel the fabrics in person, but we had to roll with the punches this year. Several reps even came to see us! We added AGOLDE last year thanks to our rep, Sarah, dropping into the store after visiting her parents just north of Saratoga! Earlier this month, our favorite rep Athena from 7 for all Mankind set up our own personal show to select our fall order!

Last Thursday, our buying team traveled to an air dome in Mount Kisco, a small Village in Westchester New York. The three of them were looking forward to this show for weeks as they were excited to see clothes in person again! A taste of normalcy. Pre-COVID, the atmosphere was extremely overwhelming making it hard to stay on track, but this experience was just the opposite. The three of them described the show to me as being very relaxed and enjoyable. They were able to take their time and focus on what they wanted.

The team picked up three new brands while at the show… yes THREE!

1. Lamarque

We are extremely excited to bring in these beautiful leather jackets for Fall! I know it seems far away, but definitely keep this jacket on your radar for September!

2. &isla

The most amazing cashmere… This is a material that you just have to get your hands on to justify your purchase. The girls were ecstatic that they got to select 5 new sweaters that will make you want to never buy wool again.

3. Lost + Wander

These beautiful dresses are coming in for the second half of summer! New sundresses are too exciting. Do I NEED a new sundress in August to bring back to school? Probably not. Am I going to buy one? Definitely.

Of course, the girls could not leave the showroom without peeking at the YFB booth... Stay tuned because we picked MORE that will arrive in the later weeks of summer! Interested in this brand? Take a look at our YFB post, hint hint... do you see anything familiar down below from the picture of Hillary Duff?

The best thing about having Chelsea on the buying team is her small little feet. The sample shoe size almost everywhere is a six. And guess what Chelsea is… This is her FAVORITE part of every show because she gets to try all shoes and ensure they are comfortable. The only downside to this is that it does NOT help her shoe problem at. all. But hey, it sure does benefit you!

Also at the show, a crowd favorite... Bella Dahl! We KNOW you just love this brand, that's why we selected fun items from their fall line, along with their best-selling staples. Their cable knit turtle neck sweater, BACK in black and white. Duster Dress, BACK! Aren't you excited?

The buying process is the most compelling part of running a business. Sometimes, on a good day, we younger girls (Mckenzie, Hanna, Liz, and myself) will give suggestions for some of the more youthful brands! Aleesan is just reeeally good at unpacking the inventory when it comes in... JK Al, we love you <3

Until Next Time…😉


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