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Spring Footwear

Last week, everyone was busy relaxing in the sun and enjoying the warm spring break. Now back to the grind of work and school! We are at a point in the year where everyone is itching for summer. Longing for shorts and a tank top, but still need a sweatshirt. Dying to wear flip-flops, but still need our closed-toed shoes. I am right there with you. Together, let’s figure out the best shoes to wear for the transition months!

I find picking out what shoes to slip on during the spring the most challenging part of getting ready in the morning. It's easy to dress in layers, but when it comes to shoes, I don't want my toes to freeze! It is important to have a couple of pairs of spring shoes that transition perfectly into summer.

I feel like I can speak for everyone when I say it's NEVER fun to have cold toes. Everyone should invest in a pair of mules. An open-back shoe for a ‘spring look’ but not quite a sandal. Also, coming out of hibernation, you may not have gotten your first of the season pedicure, so you can thank your mules for saving you! Frye has a cute pair for the season they are calling the Nolan Seam Mule in an adorable snake print. Free people being the trendier option, released a pair called the Harlow Mule. As you can see, it is a slimming shoe and would be cute with any spring denim we have in store! From our new brand KAANAS, we have the Palau Fishnet Mule, a dressier option that looks lighter on the feet.

Sneakers, as you may know, are always my go-to. They are just THE BEST. Don't even try to argue with me. Obviously, I am not referring to your Adidas or Nikes… I am talking about your everyday casual sneakers. You can wear them with cut-off shorts. Rock them with a skirt. Flex, and wear them with a dress… you get the point. Frye has always made a beautiful sneaker. They mold to your feet and become your best friend. The Webster Low Lace is a leather-lined sneaker with a rubber outsole of 3/4 of an inch. If you do not have a white sneaker, order these right now because you need them. Option two if you aren't sold on the Frye is the KAANAS Paris sneaker. If you fear white, this light grey sneaker may be your better option!

Like I said before, the Spring months are weird. Some days you CAN wear an open-toed sandal and be comfortable. That is where a chunky wedge or sandal comes into the game. Some of you can pull this style off with a dress; however, that look is not for everyone. I prefer to wear them with denim. Spring denim is often cropped, pairing perfectly with this style of shoe. Take a look at our cute and trendy options that our girls are excited about for this season!

(Find all shoes above with this link! Some are also offered in other colors)

Of course, this is just the beginning of our spring/summer footwear… Violet’s is over the moon excited about this summer; therefore, we are bringing our A-game for all new arrivals. Get track-ready, concert-ready, and weekend-ready every week with us! The end of this COVID craziness is near. Wear your mask, stay safe, support small, and Saratoga will be back to its prime in no time!


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