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Summer Event Fashion

Welcome to the year of events. Baby showers, weddings, the race track, and just being social again! There is much to do and many outfits to pick out. As you may know, in the front of the store we have ready-to-wear fashion. Walk into the back and you will find where all our dresses live! Ladies, we have it all! Let's take a deep breath and find an outfit for each event!


We are happy to announce that our beautiful, show-stopping Susana Monaco and Yumi Kim dresses have finally arrived! These pieces are spectacular for rehearsal dinners and the big event itself! Brides, I am sorry we do not have your Cinderella gown; you can find that across the street at Lily's. I do have your rehearsal dress! Your shower dress! And your bachelorette dress!

Baby Showers

  • For the Mom

  • For the Guests

Saratoga summer is something you cannot miss. This little city has so much to offer, a place to make everlasting memories. Vivid memories include what you did, who you were with, and of course what you wore! I want you to reflect on your time here and fall in love all over again with your outfit. Let's take a look at what we have in store for upcoming events!

Hospital Gala:

Opening Day:

Second to the track, downtown is the place to be in Saratoga. The front half of Violet's is full of outfits that are begging to hit broadway! Shop our website or instore to find your Friday night 'fit'.

This summer is flying by quickly but we are just getting started! Shipments come in every day so stay tuned for updated inventory! Follow us on Instagram for immediate release of new arrivals!

Until next time... 😉


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